Why Is Service So Important in the Hospitality Industry?

Think of it this way: customer service is the essence of the hospitality industry. It is the very heart and soul of what drives this business. When you take courses in hospitality education, the significance of service is emphasized above everything else.

To run any hotel, motel, B&B, or extended-stay operation, customer service must drive your business. There are ways of seeing results every time.

Whether you are looking for a position in general management, front desk positions, housekeeping or maintenance, we offer many employment opportunities all across the country.

Long-Term Benefits of Customer Service

Everyone in the hospitality industry should strive to deliver more than is expected. This should be your motto. When you satisfy your customers, that’s great. When you go that little distance more, you’ll have a happy customer who will recommend you and return again.

Going the extra mile is essential to building brand loyalty, especially in an extended-stay hotel, which is very much like an apartment complex that uses a hotel-style booking system. Extended-stay means you have no fixed contract and can leave when you wish.

Prompt Service

Always respond to your clients right away. If you don’t, they will seek the answers to their questions elsewhere. There is plenty of competition ready to pick up the clients you drop.

Your extended-stay hotel may offer great facilities and benefits, but your customer should be the center of your hospitality universe.


Keep in mind that your hospitality mindset should always reflect the convenience you offer customers. Service and hospitality industries are built on the premise of offering the most convenience to their customers.

This is one reason that an extended-stay hotel makes so much sense to visitors. A hotel like this can become a home-away-from-home. It’s up to you to make that customer feel they are in the right place.


Every customer needs to feel important. They need to know they are your top priority. They are paying money for your services. If those are less than qualitative, customers won’t stick around for long. And they won’t come back.

If you are looking for a career in the hotel industry, contact us today. We have the opportunities and cross-training benefits you’ve been looking for. We can not only help you enter the hospitality industry, but we can also set you on the path to becoming an industry leader in your chosen area.

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