What Makes a Good Hotel Manager?

Extended Stay Jobs- Manager conducting and interview holding a pen and a resume

The success of any hotel is dependent on the hotel manager. Often a hospitality manager works tirelessly to maintain an efficient running establishment and keep customers satisfied and coming back. Building a hotel management career can take up to twenty years to create, according to WeAreHoteliers. 

Great hotel managers must have a solid plan and vision for moving their hotel forward. This plan requires flexibility and quick course correction abilities. It isn’t an easy feat. So let’s dive into the fundamental qualities that owners and management companies are looking for in a hotel manager. 

Under pressure decision maker

Every successful leader is an expert decision-maker. For hotel managers, they need to have the power to make decisions on many different deadlines, including immediate and urgent ones. The hotel manager’s job responsibilities include a host of daily obligations, including meetings and communicating with staff, guests, and vendors they work relentlessly to satisfy and delight customers.


A great manager will be capable of maintaining unquestionable order at all times due to their ability to motivate, encourage and inspire their staff. This means smiling through the worst calamity and bringing it all together when they need to. It’s imperative that a manager maintain an excellent relationship with staff, guests, vendors, suppliers, and new recruits. 

Ability to share and educate

Effective managers can recognize talent easily and take the initiative to develop it. They share worthwhile knowledge, have excellent communication skills, and take pride in sharing the core competencies and values of the hospitality industry. 


Communication will always be key in any profession, but a hotel manager must be able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people with varied backgrounds. Possessing the ability to communicate at all levels makes managers efficient and valuable members of the hospitality industry. Every interaction is important and should be viewed as a scope for enhanced customer service and efficient management opportunities. 

Measure and reward performance

Statistically, a lack of praise and recognition are the main reasons employees are unhappy at their jobs. Managers understand the importance of an internal motivational program is to change employee behavior and improve performance. A good manager will develop a solid measurement and reward system to help achieve company goals, and potentially motivate others to become more engaged. 

Implement and use technologies

While independent hotels may need assistance in selecting technologies, established brands and chains will most likely have technologies and systems in place. It is an important aspect of the job for the manager to be able to use these technologies for everything including managing a guest’s experience in managing the property, and even employee training. A good manager will not only be able to select the correct technology but will also be able to ensure employees are able to navigate and use them as well. 

Assume responsibility

Good managers can quickly identify and accept responsibility for failures as well as take it upon themselves to rectify them. Managers are busy with day-to-day tasks necessary to keep the hotel running smoothly. It can be difficult to avoid being chained to a desk, but effective leaders can quickly assess the situation, identify the appropriate course of action, and move on, all while limiting the direct effect on the staff. 

And most importantly,

Love the job!

It takes a very special person to serve others, meet new challenges, and overcome obstacles. To love the job means that you maintain a vision, are always seeking a better way to perform a task, or provide a level of unparalleled service to your guests. The right manager will look beyond what is required and will have a vested interest in what’s moving and shaking in the hospitality industry. A good manager will rise to meet the challenge of keeping up with breaking industry news. 

This list is a compilation of qualities that some of the top hospitality managers possess. If you believe you fit these criteria, then visit our careers page to view our current openings, and apply today!