Moving Up in the Hospitality Industry


Whether you’re starting out with an established hotel chain, or with a privately owned boutique hotel, there’s still a method to moving up the hospitality ladder. The hotel industry is a great industry to start in for potential growth within a company. If you’re a hard worker in the hospitality industry, it’s likely you’ll be rewarded with the opportunity for quick promotions. 

Moving up the ladder can be easily accomplished if you’re dedicated to the task. 

Work Hard

Sign up for extra shifts when the opportunities arise. Don’t feel limited by your current position. Be willing to move around and work in different departments. Having a working knowledge of how each department functions will give you an advantage if you desire a management career. 

Seek out the hotel’s in-house management program

Ask the management team, or the management company, if your employer has an in-house management program. Combined with a few years of experience, these certifications and training can open doors to bigger opportunities. 

One of the most prestigious and impactful certifications is the CHA (Certified Hotel Administrator) certificate offered by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. You can take other courses available on their website and these can give you extra impact when your property is looking to hire from within the company.

Find a Mentor

As with many other industries, finding a person who can teach you the ropes and give you industry insight can make it easier for you to clearly identify your goal path. Once you have identified this person, start taking mental notes. Watch how this person learns from mistakes, follows through, and interacts with guests and fellow staff members. Model your choices, behavior, and actions after theirs. 

Anticipate Your Manager’s Needs

Sticking to your job description is a sure-fire way to maintain your current position and avoid opportunity. Learn to anticipate what needs to be done and take initiative to complete the tasks. If a guest needs something, or if you can perform a task that will alleviate an item from your manager’s to-do list, take action. Learning the art of anticipation builds confidence with your managers, and identifies you as a reliable and dedicated staff member. 

Demonstrate Social Skills

If you don’t have the skill, learn to make guests feel relaxed. Smile and acquire the talent of creating warm, personal, competent, and friendly interactions. Become someone your manager can depend on to connect and engage with guests. Most importantly, show great attention to detail in every service area. 

If you’ve been waiting to get started in the hospitality industry, now is a great time to start. It’s a dynamic and growing industry and that means more jobs with enormous opportunities for advancement.