A Different Way of Looking at Interviewing

Interviewing for a new position tends to be a stressful experience for applicants. This is especially true for the hospitality industry where most applicants feel they need to show the right credentials to get their foot in. In truth, nothing could be further from the truth.

Current human resources trends tend to favor well-motivated and ambitious applicants over showy credentials. The idea behind an interview – whether this happens on the phone, through Skype or the more traditional face-to-face – is for both sides to get to know each other and decide if they are a good match for each other.

Here’s how best to approach an interview.

First off, there’s no right way to conduct an interview. Each applicant is different. Each interviewer has different techniques and demands. It’s useless to lose sleep fantasizing about all the possible and improbable questions that an applicant may have to answer. The best way to ace an interview is to comport oneself calmly and have the right attitude.

  • The right preparation: an interview is a two-way discussion in which both participants need to get to know each other better. This is why it’s essential for the candidate to learn something about his potential employers beforehand; a little research helps the candidate formulate several points of interest they can reference to query the interviewer. This will show the interviewer that they’re dealing with a serious candidate that is invested in their future position.
  • The right attitude: an interview is a discussion, not an interrogation. It’s important for the applicant to remember that distinction, even though there’s a position at stake. Whatever academic qualifications the potential employer is looking for, he has already gleaned whether you have them or not from the CV. If you’re being interviewed, you’re already a potential hire, so remaining calm and being a good listener is important at this stage. Keep in mind that most employers today are looking for candidates with a professional attitude that can advance in their organization
  • The right image: the interviewer is always looking to put a face to the CV. Present the right image. This does not necessarily mean formal attire but the applicant needs to make an effort to look properly groomed and dressed for the occasion.

An interview is an important part of the employment process and it’s also a great opportunity for hires to make a good first impression. Preparing ahead, maintaining a composed demeanor, and having a positive attitude are the best ways to ensure a successful interview.

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